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| kin to kin: 1 on 1 

Sovereignty Sessions

sovereignty sessions invite awareness & integration of what your soul needs to express to activate the embodiment of your highest sovereignty

| Preparation |

⚡️ Voice Diary Practise ⚡️

you are guided into the creation of a safe energetic container where you are asked to intuitively channel your most sovereign self - the soul parts + purpose seeking expression (30 min)

⚡️ Kin/etic Mapping Practise ⚡️

You are asked to map regenerative relations (practices, places, people) in your life & shadow selves. Worksheet here. (15 min)

⚡️ Consent ⚡️

I ask for your consent for me to witness voice diary + maps, and to tune into energies you have channeled for the highest elevation of your soul expression