digestive + intuitive


I support digestive & intuitive vitality with the support of colon hydrotherapy, ritual and consensual skill-building

rooted in principles of deep listening, relational witnessing, and non-judgment

Gut vitality is a primoridal foundation for our inherent health to be expessed. In my journey of regenerating my own gut health and supporting hundreds in this journey as a colon hydrotherapist in naturopathic & clinical settings, I have witnessed how gut revitalization enlivens our capacity to thrive with all our relations

I honour and tend to how our digestive health is impacted by the social, environmental, spiritual,  generational and ancestral dimensions of our experiences

 I am a visitor of Tkaronto (where the trees stand in the water in Kanien'kéha) , Two Row Wampum Treaty Territory, my birthplace via my mother's migration as a careworker from the Tagalog region. 


I grew up listening to Tagalog, Romblomanon Visayan and French. Spoken French comes easier than Tagalog, while Tagalog is more vastly and deeply understood. I am fluent in Fragalog!

I love learning about how we can cultivate a relationship with language that affirms our connectivity to the earth, waters, and all our relations in the elemental, spiritual, plant, animal, and beyond-humxn worlds.

I love working with those in the journey of compassionate evolution in honour of their soul purpose. I am part of a long lineage of transformative community work dedicated to nurturing creative rituals of care and regenerativity.


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