digestive + intuitive










I support digestive & intuitive vitality through colon hydrotherapy, intuitive nourishment, intuitive fasting, ritual and self-consent practices


I honour how wellness is impacted by our socio-cultural, environmental, economic, spiritual, and ancestral relations


My aim is to support gut + intuitive vitality to supports clear discernment & awareness of what is healing for our unique bodies.


Lineages of Wisdom + Education

I am informed by biodynamics, functional nutrition, ayurvedic medicine & intuitive counsel, honouring how our capacity to heal is informed by our constitution, bio-region, ancestry, sourcing practices, our access (to food, finances, cooking & community), and our sense (of safety, presence and connection) while eating.


I have formally trained:

Nutrition & Colon Hydrotherapy

Canadian Natural Health and Healing Centre

Ayurvedic Self & Community Care

Canadian Insitution for Ayurvedic and Indian Systems of Healing

Advanced Pranic Healing + Psychotherapy

Pranic Healing Philippines

Access Consciousness

Access Bars

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 

Body Intelligence

BA, Political Science & Equity Studies

McGIll University

Organic Agriculture

University of the Philippines, Los Banos


i have been invited into intimacy with illness

a brilliant and mischevious shadow worker

asking me to shed 

what no longer aligns

with my truest essence

while bringing me into relation with

a mycellica of sacred medicines 

to meridian points on the earth reminding me i am a needle

into connection with the sacred arts and sciences of ayurveda

to palawan in ritual to restore relations with disturbed spirits into divinations recasting memory in my bones that

our intuition

our soul purpose

consent & freedom

is this deepest gift i/we embody

as i continue to invite myself back into the medicine of authentic connection with self, earth, community, creator, love and life

i carry the honour to remind us of the medicine

we carry in guts, flesh & bones

memory & medicine 

replete in our sovereign intuition

the primordial compass pointing to

what is aligned

 with the freedom of our bodies


i name these lineages of medicines & illness to honour the impact they have imparted on my own inner medicine making and to honour my experience of "sickness" as a shadow-worker that invites deeper integration of our inner medicines


my gut healing journey with chronic illness has led me to a path of witnessing how healing our gut, our relationship to the land and our ancestors can revitalize our capacity to thrive with all our relations


i am a visitor of Tkaronto (where the trees stand in the water in Kanien'kéha) , Two Row Wampum Treaty Territory, my birthplace via my most recent ancestors' migrations from Tagalog & Visayan regions. 

i curiously live through questions of sovereignty, liberation, and community care as a daughter of care workers who migrated to scarborough through streams of domestic work

my somatic & spiritual integration work was early on inspired watching my lola/grandma engage in the bodywork of "hilot" with the power of prayer and intuition. with her soft yet commanding reverence, she prayed over people, places & food with tearful (almost comical!) reverence.

i am blessed to bask through life immersed in the sonic assemblages of tagalog, romblomanon bisaya, and french. while i am not "perfectly" fluent in any of these, I like to say I am in fragalog! i love learning how the codes embedded in every syllable of language reflect and activate spells of co-creation with the land & waters.

Gut vitality is foundational for our inherent digestion & intuition to be expessed. As the "second" brain, the gut can support us to discern our unique needs (emotionally, energetically, physically, dietarily), boundaries, and medicine allies.