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on the spirit and science of receiving + retrieving love, nutrition & soul/self 

Feb 27th 2021 

Question: When you call in the love, healing, nourishment + abundance you desire, are you also building the spaciousness, structural integrity and vitality in your body + being + relations + environment to receive and maintain the energy being invoked? Do you got the cellular bandwith + gb free for the download?

True story - I often semi-casually:
⚡️  affirm the sovereignty of my selves in all directions, timelines & dimensions
⚡️  affirm the release of that which is not original, innate + inherent to me
🌱  affirm the sovereignty of all beings involved in my journey here
🌱 affirm the sovereignty, call in + retrieve the presence in my body of all my aligned soul parts in resonance with my highest purpose in this lifetime

With years of experiential/embodied observation and relational study, I’ve learned how the efficacy of these energy retrievals is conditioned by the state of the hard drive/the body (especially its mineral levels, often low due to soil depletion under industrial agriculture), our neurobiological + psychosocial wiring (thought patterns + belief systems), our relationship to our regional biosphere, and our network of social + spiritual support

erika buenaflor soul retrieval.jpeg

In “Curanderismo Soul Retrieval: Ancient Shamanic Wisdom to Restore the Sacred Energy of the Soul” by Erika Buenaflor, she explains how for a soul part to return to and remain in the body once it is retrieved, one’s relationship to self, the conditions of one’s body (phyical + etheric), and the relational ecosystem around them must bear the structural integrity (created by thoughts, actions, beliefs, and the quality of one’s humxn and beyond humxn relationships) to welcome back and maintain the soul part

In 2020, as I participated in a soul retrieval with medicine-keeper Ate Janet in Palawan, I learned that one proactive condition that can support soul intactness & prevent soul loss is the maintenance of a cyclical, ritualistic, and reciprocal relationship with the bioregional spirits of the land, waters and and elements. Rituals familiarizing the soul to these spirits offer these beings consent to support the soul in remaining in the body in the various conditions that can create soul loss.


As a babaylan - a medicine-woman and ritualist of the Visayan lineage in “the Philippines” - one of Ate Janet’s main responsibilities is to maintain cycles of ritual to create sound structures and safe containers for energy + spirit to arrive, find form, and be expressed

The process of creating the conditions to receive + metabolize nutrients (energy) draws parallels. As a health practitioner on my own healing journey, I have learned that however nutritious or “super” the food, if the colon or any detoxification pathway is blocked, or if the body cannot create the appropriate enzymes to metabolize the relevant nutrients, any food, however “medicinal”, can actually become poison + putrefy in the gut, further stimulatating stress and inflammatory responses (including cortisol production, which can create leaky gut + a host of auto-immune responses!), instead of nourishing + nutrifying.

As I prepare the next few months to formally start my practise of supporting folks to harmonize with their innate health and inner medicines, I will be reflecting here on the lived experience, teachings + journeys inspiring and manifesting from my practise. My practise offerings include:

💧 1-1 sovereignty sessions
💧 lunar-herbal coconut oil medicine
💧 intuitive fasting journeys for intimacy with self+spirit
💧 colon hydrotherapy (in-person)

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