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colon hydrotherapy






  • improved energy levels

  • improved mental clarity

  • relieves constipation

  • relives gas and bloating

  • relieves symptoms of IBS

  • improved absoption of nutrients & water

  • supports emotional release and rebalance

  • promotes optimal elimination during detox

  • supports reproductive & sexual health


  • colon hydrotherapy is an ancient therapy dates back thousands of years through multiple cultural lineages

  • in Ayurvedic Medicine, the colon is the seat of vata, element of air/ether, which controls all body movements & is a central processing station of the nervous system

  • in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the colon & lung are symbiotic metal element organs that communicate with one another, primarily responsible with processing the emotion of grief


  • the Angel of Water is FDA and Health Canada approved

  • offers the highest stands in safety and hygiene including triple water filtration system, hot water shut off safety feature, smooth, non-porous easily disinfected surface

  • as an open colonic systems,  it allows for natural water release

  • offers a natural-feeling client experience with optimal privacy and autonomy in water flow

  • allows for client autonomy and ease in use of equipment 

  • simple and intuitive system, essentially a big, fancy, reclining toilet.


  1. Filtered, body-temperature water hydrates the contents and tissues of the colon, and stimulates it to ‘wake up’ and start you will feel the natural urge to release. 

  2. Simply lay back, relax, and pretend you’re on the toilet at home

  3. Once the initial anxiety dissolves, you will discover this is actually a super-simple process, and for most clients- believe it or not- it actually comes to be enjoyable

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