digestive |  soul  | ancestral




sha  | siya |  ᜐᜒᜌ

shaina-sarah evero isles fedelin agbayani


tkaronto | toronto

kanien'kéha | where the trees stand in the water

lineage + land + language

batanagas | quezon | mindoro | romblon | ilocos sur |  tagalog | bisaya (romblon) | french

| my journey |

is continually remembering that our soul purpose is the deepest medicine

is deep curiosity as to the root of what causes us to forget/suppress ourselves

is stewarding song, ritual, food, community, land + ancestors so we may heal together


being a mother to greenhouse theatre & alagwa between my homelands has been part of celebrating life as art, food as ritual, ritual as regenerativity 

since my late teens, physical symptoms diagnosed as auto-immune disorder under western biomedicine have been a gift + initate of teachings around soul purpose:


that all the herbs, treatments, superfoods, exercises, meditation, and therapy sessions cannot replace the healing that comes from embodying  our soul purpose + being in sovereign interdependence with land & spirit.  that any modality is just a stepping stone for us to be more truly ourselves

that part of awareness + alignment with of who we came here to be is co-creating​ the structural vitality + integrity within our bodies, relationships, communities and ecoysytems to hold our whole selves well

| care principles |

I honour how wellness is impacted by our communal, environmental, economic, spiritual, and ancestral relations, our soul purpose, energetic sovereignty, bodily constitution, bio-region,our access (to food, finances, & community), and our sense of safety, presence and intimacy with ourselves and all our relations

community is huge. i understand community as the process + practise of co-creating conditions of care, safety, intimacy, and responsibility to nourish the soul expression, health + gifts of each unique person in community.

| purpose |

I support digestive, soul & ancestral wellness in community

| Lineage |

I/we come from a lineage of all the fractals possible of the "i am" - magic, darkness, shadow-light workers, traumatized, healing, medicine-keepers, alchemists, vibrant, generous, cheeky, humxn, beyond humxns, elementals, stardust, terrestrial + extraterrestrial. i/we come from a lineage of people who were/are always free.

| testimonial |

Working with Shaina is a deeply validating and relaxing experience! She will ask you questions and share information that will help you tune into your body's unique rhythm, allowing you to access the medicine you truly need.

I was inspired to work with Shaina because she cares deeply about food and the role it plays in the self-healing process. Her knowledge of the gut microbiome and its contribution to physical, mental and spiritual health is what makes her a truly holistic colon hydrotherapy practitioner!


She is very gentle in her approach and simultaneously helps cultivate a sense of personal accountability by prompting reflection on the relationship of stress and digestion.  It was fascinating to get a non-judgmental insight into what goes on in my gut. She will ask you questions and share information that will help you tune into your body's unique rhythm, allowing you to access the medicine you truly need.


Aditi Ohri (Web Develop, Austin, TX)