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Intuitive Fasting + Nourishment Journeys

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Including acommodation + colon hydrotherapy session | $133 per day |

Expore Intuive Nourishment + Fasting ​

Intuitive fasting + nourishment are practises of nourishing ourselves based on intuitive awareness of what our bodies need,  in other words, actively listening to our bodies.

Fasting is an ancient ancestral practise that can create more spaciousness for us to integrate our truths and be in deeper & more truthful connection with ourselves and all our relations.


At Innegration, intuitive fasting is stewarded  as a process of ritual with a structure that holds intention and offerings for the journey. We offer guidelines for supporting compassion and non-judgmental observation. We encourage principles of kawareness without attachment or aversion to any emotional, physical, or spiritual outcomes Rather than as a buzzword, lifestyle trend, diet, or weight management practise, we hold space for fasting as a ritual process of self-intimacy and integration.

On a practical level, examples of ways  intuitive fasts can be observed are with broth, soups, juice, water, tea, plant-based milks, and a combination of all of these. I host private fasts in my home for clients who are already on a journey of self-integration that would like to deepen. I also steward fasting journeys for folks who would like to fast independently in their homes