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ep. 1 | soul retrieval

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ep. 1 | soul retrieval

Feeing well in your body.

Being loved, seen, supported

Heck, even making an abundant living

Embodying your truest, most passionate self

Support in lovingly releasing what is holding you back:

  1. The Fear™

  2. The Self-Judgment™

  3. The Chronic Symptoms™

anxiety | fatigue | inflammation | pain

indigestion | constipation | flare-ups 

And I know why it’s important to you - because you know freedom, vitality & abundance are possible in alignment with your soul purpose, that all the symptoms in your body are divine - frustrating, real and sometimes even debilitating -  yet divine messengers

asking you to be you


Still, after many beginnings with practitioners, courses, body practices, meditations, nutritional and lifestyle changes you struggle to “function properly” 


You want to thrive.  

To blossom into your fullest self

Expressing yourself truthfully in all your relations.

You want loving, consensual, joyful connection with yourself and all beings - to feel rejuvelicious in your body, clear in your mind, emobodied in your purpose.


You want to stop hiding under the "shoulds"


You know your health challenges are  both about & yet beyond what you eat, avoid, how much you engage in physical activity, what herbs and medication you take


You know that they are related to affirming your energetic sovereignty, the healing of your ancestral lineage, your alignment with you soul purpose, and your relationship to the land.

You know the diagnosis of your health challenges under western bio-medicine is incomplete, that there is a much more holistic story to your health invitin you to align with your purpose

What if I told you there is nothing to fix

That you are being invited to be more you

That digesting & integrating 

the abundance within you

physically, emotionally, spiritually, ancestrally

is foundational for your journey


As a steward of

digestive | soul purpose | ancestral 


I work at these intersections

Trust me when I tell you I have been on my own journey.

Led back to my ancestors, led back to remember past lives, to retrieve soul parts lost, to health with my gut

I was a scholarship student the "Harvard of the North McGill", coordinating the "Women in House" to create mentorship between young women & politicans in the House of Commons

While struggling with pain