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I began intuitively fasting after my first Vipassana meditation in Cavite, a transformational time of deepening connection to spirit, self + earth

A few months after the sitting, I was intuitively guided to observe 3 day fasts before + after the full moon, usually with fresh buko or coconut water.

The mental, spiritual, intuitive clarity, physical self-healing, expanded-deepened awareness of truth, realization of spiritual ecosystems, and intimacy with my galactic geneaology experienced during fasting has tuned me into a deep understanding of how food can transform our dna, epigentic memory, and embodiment of quantum possibility.

There is also deep shadow work in fasting. The deepest emotions, memories, physical symptoms suppressed can resurface to be released in ways that are not always comfortable.

Yet I have experienced how observing these memories & emotions non-judmentally and with equanimity (principles of Vipassana) releases & opens up space for the expression of the wellspring of deep power within

Fasting in a spirit of consent, love & intuitive guidance has been one of the most profound ways I have connected with my ancestors, my gifts, my purpose & self-healing as one diagnosed with "chronic illness".

I practise + steward fasting & colon hydrotherapy in a way that acknowledges and expresses clear rejection of the euro-patriarachal + fatphobic health industry focus on body-size and weight, honouring how many if not all of our ancestors kept fasting rituals to support clarification & alignment with purpose, spirt & self healing that were not at all associated with culturally particularly constructions of health & beauty


Fasting in this spirit has allowed me to embody experiential realization that our bodies are temples with sacred geometries equipped with everything needed to anchor states of infinite knowing; that while erecting temples and ingesting psychedelics are powerful activators and allies, we do not need them  to generate vortexes of profound healing & intimacy with wondrous ecology of beyond-humxn relatives. This is also a teaching received from my elder Ate Janet of Palawan.

My deepest journeys of intuitive fasting (3 weeks, then 3 months) were not consciously planned in advance and both occurred when I was living with my parents who cook the most delicious Filipino cuisine and whose main love language is food! Even while fasting in strange suburban circumstances,  these fasting journeys tuned me into the field of infinite possibility, truly scenes from the Matrix.

As an advocate of equity + freedom in food systems who has spent years as a community organizer for food equity, fasting has also deepened my understanding of how power inequities we experience based our unique social location impacts our psycho-spiritual intimacy, sovereignty & empowerment