digestive + intuitive


you are the medicine

Nourishing Ancestral, Gut and Soul Health

Aligning Digestion, Power & Purpose

Community Journey: Feb 14 - March 20



Online (Zoom)


(6) Video Modules on Gut, Ancestral, Soul Health 

(3) Bi-Weekly Group Integration Sessions

(2) 45 minute  (1 on 1) Integration Sessions

(1)  Soul Purpose Embodiment Session


Feb 14: 1-on-1 Integration 

Feb 21: Group Integration Circle

Feb 28: Group Soul Purpose Session

March 7: 1-on-1 Integration 

March 14: Group Integration Circle

March 21: 1-on-1 Integration 


Kalaya: The Spirit of Digestion Digital Book

Sacred Exchange

$150-222 CAD*

i am growing // 150

i am thriving // 188

i am abundant // 222

i need another option // ---

**please read sacred economy invitation

payment plans available

Please schedule a clarity call to gain clarity 

if the program is a good fit for you

this is a prerequisite for participation

Applications Open Until Feb 11th

Week 1: The Root 

-Safety, Security, Digestion

-Digestive Organs + Chakras

-Awareness of Bioregion +  

  Constitution for Digestion

Week 2; Sovereignty 

-Sacral Energies

-Creative Power  + Digestion

-Soul Integrity + Immunity

-Parasites + Cords

Week 3: Soul Purpose


-Solar Plexus

-Soul Alignment + Digestive Vitality​

-Expressing Power + Gut Integrity


Week 4: Ancestors

 (Heart, Throat , Crown)

- Rituals & Reciprocity in

   Food System & Lineages

- Systemic Spiritual Hunger 

-Repair vs. Maintenance

-Prayer, Sound + Enzymes


Week 5​: Minerals

-Enzymes + Ecosystems 

-Activating + Conducting Energy  

-Soil +  Microbiotic Vitality 

-Prebiotic + Probiotic Spells


Week 6: Water

-Digestive Health & 

  Health of Water System

-Healing with Water